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Benefits of a House Call Visit

House call visits are ideal for annual exams, vaccinations, and VSMT/laser services.  If your pet is sick, a house call visit is not suitable as most of our diagnostic services are located at the clinic.  If you have a sick animal, a clinic visit would be required.

Scheduling a house call allows devoted pet owners time to get all personal questions answered in the privacy of home plus enjoy more quality time with their veterinarian.

The average house call consultation is significantly longer than the average clinic visit. Your pet can be properly examined in their own environment, relaxed and happy with personalized care. The focus in on you and your pet.

House calls make life easier for:

  • Geriatric or physically challenged pet owners.
  • Geriatric or physically challenged pets.
  • Families with small children: no inconvenient waiting in the lobby for your turn, while minding youngsters.
  • Families with multiple pets: get all the pets cared for in one convenient visit.
  • Busy pet owners. It is easier to schedule a house call into your busy life – no travel time on your part!
  • Cost competitive with office calls.

Because you are at home, both owner and pet are more relaxed and less stressed. Animals are more relaxed and enjoy seeing the veterinarian – a friend coming to visit. This results in a more thorough examination.

Other factors that reduce stress:

Kitties are not required to be put into carriers.

For animals that don’t travel well (i.e. cats or dogs with motion sickness), the house call is a less stressful solution.

Schedule: If the veterinarian is held up by an emergency – or even traffic – no problem. You are at home and can do household chores while waiting.

Everyone can benefit in some way from a house call!

Veterinarian examining a cute white dog

Benefits of an Office Visit 

Office calls are used in several situations. This may include routine annual visits, sick animal visits, surgery visits or urgent care needs. There are just certain instances where a house call isn’t warranted. In those cases, we will set up an office visit. Our office is located at 2548 S. Teut Road in Burlington. Please call 262-534-9392 to schedule an appointment.

Office Visits are Beneficial for:

Animals that are house protective

Pet Owners who do not wish to have a house call

Pet Owners wishing to save a little money (the house call fee is sometimes more than the office call, depending on how far away the client lives and how many animals are seen on one visit)


Office Visits are Necessary for:


 Sick animal care

 Urgent Care

 Radiology cases

 Drawing blood from cats or uncooperative dogs

 Uncooperative patients that cannot be handled by owners in a household setting