Feline Spay/Neuter Promotion: $125 Package!

Save more than 50% off regular priced package!

Call us at 262.534.9392 to schedule your appointment today!

$125 Spay/Neuter Package Offers*:

•Spay or Neuter


•Feline Leukemia test

•Ear Cleaning

•Nail Trim

Program Restrictions: 

-Cats must be healthy and easy to handle.

-Cats cannot be over one year of age, in heat, pregnant or lactating.

-Cats cannot be overweight, as determined by veterinarian.  Overweight animals will be charged full price surgery costs.

Take 10% off Your Pet’s Dental Cleaning This October!

We are offering 10% off dental cleanings under anesthesia if you call to book your appointment for an October date listed below.  Your pet will also receive a complimentary toothbrush and suggestions for home dental care.  The discount does not apply to blood work, medications, surgical extractions, or other services.  Discount is applied to the cleaning itself. 

Available Dates for Dental Cleanings:
Thursday, October 3
Thursday, October 17
Thursday, October 24
A dental cleaning can give you a clean slate to start your pet back on the path to great dental hygiene!  Blood work and a current heartworm test is required.  Space is limited so please contact the office to schedule your appointment or for more information on your pet’s dental cleaning 262-534-9392. 

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Information About Your Pet's Dental Care

Want to know more about your pet’s dental care? Check out the link below!

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