The foundation of health comes from diet and exercise.

Nutrition is a vast science, with a lot of misinformation floating about. In fact, many conventional thoughts on feeding our pets are incorrect (such as feeding a dry food diet to promote dental health). Dr. Miller does nutritional consults to determine the basic nutritional needs of your individual pet. Based on your pet’s age, health status, exercise routine and lifestyle, she will make food recommendations, and may even suggest supplements that focus on your pet’s personal health needs.

Dr. Miller is a certified human nutritionist. There are very few veterinary nutritionists in the United States. This is because, in Western Medicine (Conventional Medicine), nutrition is an after-thought. If we can’t find a drug to cure the disease, then we may consider nutritional therapies. However, in Eastern Medicine (Chinese, Indian, etc.) nutrition is the first form of treatment. In fact, the Chinese word for “medicine” and the Chinese word for “food,” is the same word.

Dr. Miller was introduced to the concept of “nutrition used as medicine” in her Veterinary Massage/Rehabilitation Therapy course. From there, she has done extensive reading and attended seminars in nutrition. This has become a special interest of Dr. Miller’s and she is more than willing to share her knowledge with you. After a decade of applying these nutritional “rules of thumb”, there is certainly a lot of anecdotal evidence that food is medicine.

“There is every reason to believe that many chronic degenerative diseases such as arthritis, obesity, heart disease, cancer, immune disorders, allergies, chronic ear and/or skin infections are due to chronic malnutrition.” Our pets are ultimately the ones who pay the price when we try to save a few pennies each day by purchasing a poorer quality pet food.

Dr Miller offers personal consults to consider your pet’s individual needs, but she also offers classes, which covers broad concepts in nutrition, which can be applied to most any pet. She also dispels commonly accepted myths regarding the best way to feed your pet.

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