Therapeutic Laser Therapy has been around since the 1960’s.  However, it is just now becoming main stream.  There is a ton of scientific proof of safety and efficacy. Studies were started to see if they could prove that energetic healing treatments actually worked (i.e. reiki, shaman, etc), and has developed into a wonderful treatment option for patients today. In human medicine, you will find many chiropractors using this on their patients.  There is research study, after research study, done on the efficacy of the therapeutic laser. Dr. Miller has spent over 12 of her 18 years of practice, in the alternative medicine realm.  She has been using the laser successfully for several years now.

Laser Therapy can benefit the following:

  • Pain relief (of any type of pain)
  • Orthopedic trauma (ACL tear, hip dysplasia, disc disease)
  • Old age – weakness in hind end
  • Neurological deficits (scuffing toes or stumbling)
  • Soft tissue trauma (speeds wound healing)
  • Speeds healing after surgery
  • Behavioral issues
  • Illness: GI upset, liver, kidney or heart illness

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it work?

As with every form of medicine, some animals respond quickly to laser treatments, while others take a bit longer.  There are many anecdotal stories of success.

Can I use the laser in addition to other medicines/treatments my pet is currently on?

Yes. There are not any side effects. This also can be used in conjunction with any other modality. In some cases, it is effective on its own.

How long does the treatment take?

The laser probes are placed on the affected area for only 3-5 minutes. If there is more than one area to be treated, the probes are applied to each affected area for three minutes.

What does a treatment cost?

Laser treatments are one of the least expensive adjuncts to therapy out there.  After the initial consultation with the doctor, a schedule of treatments is designed for the patient.

Treatments can be paid for as individual sessions of $25 each, or purchased in a package deal of 6 for $100 ($17 ea.) or 10 for $150 ($15). There is not an additional office call or physical exam fee, unless your appointment is scheduled with the doctor.  Treatments are done by trained staff members.

Is this the same as a surgical laser?

No. Our laser is designed for treatments and not for surgery. Surgical lasers create heat, and are intended to replace scalpels. Surgical lasers do not offer therapeutic effects. This is a low level laser therapy, it is painless and quick (the animal feels no heat or discomfort during the treatment).

Does it hurt?

No. Your pet will not feel any heat or sensation during the treatment. They generally start feeling better in a short period of time. It is safe, painless, and effective.

How does Laser therapy work?

Laser therapy can be explained a couple different ways.

Energetically: The laser sends an energy frequency into the body, which helps remove energy blockages that are causing illness. In essence, the same effect on the body as a reiki or acupuncture treatment.

Scientifically: The laser lights reprogram the cell’s DNA to replicate a healthier cell. For example; if the liver is sick, this means that the liver’s cells are not normal, or not functioning normally.

When those sick cells replicate (divide) into new cells, they are also unhealthy or sick. If the laser is applied to treat the liver illness, the physical effect that is happening in the body is that the liver’s healthy cells are stimulated to divide and the animal now has more new cells that are coming from the good healthy cells. This, overall, restores the livers health and function.