The field of Veterinary Massage and Rehabilitation has grown rapidly over the past few years.  We are proud to have two certified veterinary massage and rehabilitation therapists on staff, Dr. Sandra Miller, DVM and Vicky Price, CVT, both of whom have successfully completed a post-graduate certification through the Healing Oasis Wellness Center.  Dr. Miller is also certified in veterinary spinal manipulation therapy.

Veterinary massage and rehabilitation consists of therapeutic techniques used on the body to stimulate a response to either improve, maintain, or condition a patient.  Through the use of biomechanics and knowledge of functional neurology, we can help improve upon certain connections within the nervous system, create functional scar tissue, and increase mobility, strength, and endurance.


No two cases are the same. We strive to create individual therapy plans that are tailored specifically for your pet, starting with an initial consultation with our certified massage and rehabilitation therapists. It is our goal to help improve your pet’s quality of life and overall condition, no matter their age. After all, age is just a number! Whether suffering from degenerative changes or hoping to maintain conditioning, it is our belief that massage and rehabilitation can help improve the overall quality of your pet’s life, as well as increase their performance.

Some Conditions that may be Helped with Rehab:

• Orthopedic

• Post-surgical

• Neurologic

• Degenerative Diseases

• Geriatric

• Certain Behavioral problems

• Congenital defects

• Sports/Hunting/Working/Performance conditioning

Click here to see what services we currently offer in our rehabilitation department and to read our frequently asked questions.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is beneficial in a variety of ways. By improving upon connections within the nervous system through massage, we can help decrease pain and discomfort, improve mobility, relieve muscle spasms, break up adhesions, and increase quality of life. We currently offer massage therapy twice a week with our certified veterinary massage and rehabilitation therapists.

An initial massage appointment consists of a brief exam by our licensed veterinary technician to ensure that your pet appears healthy. Massage only appointments are not part of our complete rehabilitation program and are not considered appropriate for animals who are in undiagnosed pain. If your pet is suffering an undiagnosed medical concern, please contact your primary veterinarian first.

We Require the Following for our Massage Only Patients:

  1. All patients must be in good health to receive a massage, and must provide proof of current rabies vaccine.
  2. Written permission from your primary veterinarian ahead of the scheduled appointment. This helps us to better work on your pet and to keep an open communication with your primary veterinarian.
  3. Please download and email back the patient evaluation form for Massage Only. 

How to make an Appointment:

To make an appointment for your pet, please call the clinic at (262)534-9392. To enter into our rehabilitation program, you will be required to provide the following information ahead of your initial consultation:

All pertinent medical records must be sent to the office via email at This includes: medical history, radiographs, blood work, and any other diagnostics.

Written permission from your primary veterinarian regarding your pet entering the rehabilitation program. We will send a form to your primary veterinarian to fill out for us ahead of the appointment.

Please download and email back a patient evaluation form ahead of your appointment. This helps our therapist to be prepared for your goals and concerns in regards to your pet. You can download this form here or at the bottom of this page.

We do require that all patients be up to date on rabies vaccines to enter into our program.