Veterinary Massage and Rehabilitation Therapy (VMRT) is the manipulation of the muscles. The primary goals of this modality are to help the body return to full function, regain as much strength as possible, and provide pain control. VMRT can help speed the healing process after an injury or surgery. The massage will decrease pain, improve function and stimulate the immune system. Physical Therapy and massage exercises will be taught to the owner, to be implemented at home, in between veterinary visits.

Not only is it good for your pet’s health, it is a great bonding experience between owner and pet.

People and dogs get along so well because dogs like to be touched and humans find solace in giving love and affection to our pets. Petting a dog reduces tension and awakens joy and caring in people who are immersed in grief or depression, debilitated by age or disease, or handicapped by physical or emotional limitations. But, even greater than this, is the health benefit the pet receives. Pets thoroughly enjoy themselves and look forward to each massage.

Dr. Sandra Miller completed her certification in Veterinary Massage/Rehab Therapy in 2000, through the Healing Oasis Wellness Center. She uses massage therapy in conjunction with nutrition and spinal manipulation therapy, especially in chronic cases.