It is with extreme pleasure that we write this testimonial to Dr. Miller and the entire staff of Creature Comforts House Call Veterinary Service. We have been the fortunate, satisfied, and grateful clients of Dr. Miller through the life stages of four mixed and purebred dogs for many years now. We remain sincerely impressed and appreciative with each caring, knowledgeable service, both large and small, that we receive.

The choice of a house call veterinarian has been an amazing asset to us. Gone are the crowded waiting rooms, strange smells, anxious pets and time lost while waiting. Dr. Miller sees our pets in our home, on our schedule and in the manner in which they appear most comfortable whether that be on my lap, her lap or on the floor half under the dining room table! The benefit of this for a dog who is elderly, anxious, hyper or who ‘does not play well with others’ can not be overstated! She has all the necessary items with her including medication, vaccinations, wound care items and anything else found in her office. We have never felt that a single service or item has been lacking due to our choice to use a home service. Dr. Miller has also seen us in her office when that option has proved convenient for us or for the purpose of surgery. This truly represents the best of both worlds!

Despite the convenience and comfort offered by a house call vet, the deciding factor in our choice of Creature Comforts is the clear dedication to an integrative approach to animal well being, health and healing. The focus on mind, body and spirit through holistic, alternative and conventional approaches offers the best in veterinary medicine. We have seen this firsthand through the use of supplements, Chinese herbs and chiropractic care in our efforts to address chronic illness, arthritis, joint pain, infection and digestive problems in our various dogs. Our Labrador in particular has benefited as we have witnessed chronic problems such as itchy, flakey skin and lumps disappear. His chiropractic treatments have contributed to the management of painful joints to such an extent that he can now climb stairs once again. Dr. Miller’s careful consideration and patient teaching have empowered us to be a part of his health care to an extent never realized with any previous veterinarians.

Dr. Miller and her office staff (exemplary!) hold the highest standards for themselves and the companies they deal with or recommend. Compassion, courtesy and patience are routinely offered whenever we call no matter the nature of our question or concern. We cannot recommend Creature Comforts highly enough, we cannot stress our comfort level highly enough, we cannot give thanks for the care we have received highly enough. This veterinarian and this staff are unquestionably suited for their chosen path. We look forward to the expansion of the practice and to the future with Creature Comforts!