Our family has been with Dr. Miller since Creature Comforts began.  Although we loved our previous veterinarians, visits to them were always very traumatic for our pets.  All the smells, cold tables, other animals, and drive time to the offices only added to the stress level of a visit.

When we heard about Dr. Miller and her house call veterinary service, we just had to try it, for our pets’ well-being.  Besides the in-home care, where the pets could lay on their own floor for shots or go back and hide in the basement when they are done with their procedures, Dr. Miller takes time to listen to me, the client. She gives directions, suggestions, or just listens with a caring heart.  She reduces the stress level of any visit.

Dr. Miller has been there for us for yearly exams, special visits, or for completing the last kindness we can do for our pets.  This service, in the comfort of your own home, has been a tremendous blessing for us.  It eases an extremely hard time as we lose a member of our family.  We cannot say enough about Dr. Miller and her staff at Creature Comforts.  We have always been treated with the utmost respect, and feel comfortable to call should any need arise.