What is a Certified Veterinary Massage and Rehabilitation Therapist (CVMRT)?

A CVMRT is a licensed professional that has received post-graduate training in veterinary massage and rehabilitation through a state-approved program at The Healing Oasis Wellness Center. Creature Comforts is proud to have 2 CVMRT’s on staff to help with your pet’s rehabilitation needs—Dr. Sandra Miller, DVM and Vicky Price, CVT. Both have completed up to 142 hours of academic and clinical training and they have received a diploma in this area of study.


What is the Average Cost?

Since every pet’s therapy plan is customized to fit with their individual needs, it is necessary to see them for an initial consultation prior to quoting any prices. The initial consultation is $75. On average, you can expect your pet to be on a therapy plan for at least 4 weeks. The associated costs will be discussed after the initial consultation.


What is Included with an Initial Consultation?

  • You will meet with our certified veterinary massage and rehabilitation therapists for 1 hour.
  • A thorough musculoskeletal and neurological exam
  • Medical history review
  • Recommendations for immediate care
  • Massage demonstration, if recommended
  • Creation of individualized 4 week therapy plan:
    • Emailed within 48 hours after the consultation
    • Costs associated with the plan
    • Discuss what works best for schedules
    • Enroll in the plan
  • Laser therapy, heat therapy, cryotherapy may also be added at an additional fee

What are Your Hours of Operation?

The veterinary clinic is open Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm, and Saturday from 9am-12pm. The rehabilitation therapists currently see patients on Wednesday from 1:30-5 and Saturday from 9am-12pm. Other hours may be available upon request, schedule allowing.


Cancellation and Late Policy, Payment Plans, Discounts

Cancellation Policy:

While we understand that emergencies arise, we have set aside time designated to help you and your pet. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, we ask for 24 hours notice. If you do not show up for your appointment, you will be required to give a credit card number to reschedule that appointment. This applies to both new and current clients.

  • If you miss the appointment a second time, you will be charged a $25 no-show fee.
  • 3 no shows and you will be charged $25 and be required to prepay for all future appointments.
  • The above applies even if you have prepaid for a therapy plan.


Late Policy:

We have designated a certain length of time to your pet’s appointment. Please understand that if you are 15 minutes or more late for your appointment, you will be asked to reschedule for another day. This helps us to stay on schedule and to provide your pet with beneficial therapy without being hurried and potentially missing crucial information. Thank you for your understanding.


Payment Plans and Discounts:
We offer therapy packages for laser, massage, and exercise programs, as well as a 10% discount on prepaid 4 week therapy plans. We do not offer payment plans. Payment is expected at time of service.


How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Every patient’s condition is different. Improvement varies depending on the severity of the condition, compliance, and overall health of the pet. We reevaluate each patient as they move through the program to determine which therapy will bring the most benefit and change things accordingly if needed.


What Can I Expect From a Therapy Plan?

  1. Proposed 4 week therapy plans are emailed to clients 48 hours after the initial consultation, and will include the associated costs.
  2. If you choose to enroll in the program, we offer a 10% discount on the 4 week plan if it is prepaid. If not, the therapy plan is full price, pay as you go.
  3. The 4 week therapy plan consists of bi-weekly visits to the clinic for instruction on therapeutic exercises, massage, and other modalities.
  4. At the end of the 4 weeks, your pet will be reevaluated to determine if further therapy is needed.


Can Veterinary Massage and Rehabilitation be Done on my Puppy/Kitten?

Yes. While there are certain therapeutic modalities that should be avoided on growing animals, even young pets can benefit from massage and rehabilitation for strengthening and endurance, especially if you intend on introducing them to sports, hunting, or other performance work. Your puppy/kitten will be evaluated and a therapy plan will be created based on their growing needs.


Will This Help My Performance Animal?

Yes. VMRT is not just for animals suffering from debilitating conditions or recovering from surgery. VMRT can be used to help performance animals with strength, agility, endurance, and conditioning before problems occur. Performance animals require sharp and quick instincts to do the tasks required of them. Massage and rehabilitation can help both strengthen and maintain these instincts through muscle work, manual therapies, and other exercise modalities.


What Other Modalities Do You Offer?

We currently offer the following services in our rehabilitation department:

  • Canine and Feline Massage
  • Manual Therapy, including but not limited to range of motion and stretching
  • Exercise Programs
  • Laser Therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Heat Therapy
  • Medicinal Aromatherapy
  • Flower Essences
  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture – appointment with veterinarian required
  • Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy – appointment with veterinarian required
  • Applied Kinesiology – appointment with veterinarian required
  • Pain Management – appointment with veterinarian required
  • Holisitic Supplements – appointment with veterinarian required
  • Nutritional Consultation – appointment with veterinarian required


Do You Have an Underwater Treadmill?

At this time, we do not offer hydrotherapy. We are hoping to expand our rehabilitation center in Fall 2018 to include an underwater treadmill and other hydrotherapy modalities.


Can You Do a Phone Consult for VMRT?

If you have a pet currently enrolled in the program, we are more than happy to speak with you about any concerns you might be having during the process. Please note, that if your pet is having a medical concern or emergency, please make an appointment with the veterinarian as soon as possible or call Lakeshore Veterinary Specialists at 414-761-6333. For new clients to the rehab program, we are not able to offer any medical or rehabilitation advice without an initial consultation and permission to treat from your primary veterinarian.