What Vaccines Does My Pet Need?

Syringe and blood vialA common question we get here at the clinic is “what vaccines does my pet really need?” This has an answer that is different for every pet. Not every pet should receive a vaccine. If they are in poor health, they cannot be safely vaccinated. But, if they are healthy, a vaccine protocol should be created that matches that pets risk/exposure, lifestyle, age, activity level and breed. In addition to a personalized protocol, a quality, safe and effective product must be used. We use Merial brand vaccines here, which are very safe and effective. We are able to stretch out the time in between each vaccine because the vaccines are quality. This makes it safer for your pet (plus, your pet appreciates less shots!). In most states, rabies vaccine is required by law for both cats and dogs so be sure to vaccinate your pet for this, if nothing else. If you have more questions, please contact the office for more details on this hot topic.